Monday, February 8, 2016

Hungarian Beef Stew - random I know.

I bet you are wondering where this came from?  

Facebook actually.  Someone posted a picture of Hungarian Beef Stew and the memories came flooding in.

 See, this is the problem.  I LOVE Hungarian stew and you would think it would be easy to find in Hungry.  I, along with my mom, visited my sister and BIL in Romania where they lived in 1999.  We were there for a few weeks and traveled around Romania before embarking on our journey back to the USA.  This journey brought us through Hungry.  What a beautiful country and it's a good thing my sister and BIL knew where they were going as the street signs were about a mile long and I would be lost.  They had stayed at this cute motel and we went into the city of Budapest one of the days before flying out.  We were on a mission as I was craving authentic Hungarian beef stew.  We checked several menus along this main street and finally found what I was dreaming of for days.  Hungarian Stew.  It was so delicious I could not get enough.  I even bought some authentic spices so I was able to make this at home which I did on several occasions. 

Thanks Facebook and cooking light magazine for posting this wonderful picture and bringing me back to a wonder visit and my only visit abroad.

Leave me a comment if there is something this picture reminds you of.

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