Friday, April 29, 2016

Beach day

What a beautiful day at the beach.  Sunny, slight breeze, 74ish.  We wake at 9, have our coffee on the balcony sharing the sun shine.  Another day closer to going home. 

We finish our coffee, go inside to make breakfast- what to have?  Eggs, bacon and fresh melon.  After breakfast we get ready for our daily walk.  Blue roof, bathroom or upside down U?  Where to go today?  Time will tell.  Nothing hurts so the further distance will do fine.  We hope there is a breeze on the beach because the walk to it is amazingly still.  No palm trees waving, no flags moving just very still.

There is a breeze, thank you we both say as we turn to each other and laugh.  We walk and talk and pass the blue roof house, next is the bathroom.  A public one next to a shower area do you can clean off the sand before you load up the car. We use the water to cool us off.  Ahhh does that feel good.