Sunday, November 9, 2014

Who ate my collar?

This is funny.  NOT really.

So I bring my 6 month old puppy to doggie day care a few days a week for play dates and socializing... He has outgrown his puppy collar and I had one from a previous dog that I was going to use.  I loved it - it was blue and was reflective.  I thought we need to wait a bit for him to grow and the collar would fit better.

I waited a bit and yes, he finally fits into the blue collar.  I am so excited I mention to the girls at daycare - he's in his big boy collar.  They are also excited because they felt he was getting to strong and big for the puppy collar.  My husband has been trying to get me to purchase a different collar.  He thought the lab needed his own.  NOT a used one.  lol.

Our lab is at doggie daycare from 10 AM to 4 PM on this particular day.  My husband goes to pay and the girl behind the counter says to him... I have good news and bad news.  My husband says OK.  She says the dog is fine... and holds us the new/used doggie collar.  It is been eaten in two.  She's like I don't know how this happened but someone bit though his collar.  Knowing that my lab does not sit still for more that 2 seconds I find that hard to believe.  My husband says... my wife will NEVER believe this as I have been trying to buy a new collar for weeks and she says no, this one is great. They assure him, a puppy chewed through it when he was sleeping.  Several times during nap time, the puppies are all curled up in balls, all intertwined. 

My husband calls me with this story and I was sure he was kidding me...  He arrived at my store with the lab wearing his shiny bright blue and green collar.  It's beautiful I have to admit.  I still had a hard time believing my husband had nothing to do this this.  I check the old collar for cut marks and it sure does not look like anyone cut the collar.  definite shredding.  I call the puppy day care place and talk to the girl.  I hear the story from her.  She assures me my husband had nothing to do with the new bright collar.  This collar is guaranteed for life.  If another dog chews it, they replace it for free.  They now take his collar off just in case.  lol