Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Feet hurt Mom - can you carry me?

 Today is Sunday October 26th, 2014.

It's raining and about 40 degrees in Lake Placid.  Wishing this might change to snow.  Many are not.

A small family walked by this morning all bundled up with rain gear and heading to the coffee shop.  One little girl was not happy to be walking in the rain.

Little girl to mom - Mom, my shoes are getting wet.  How far do we have to walk.  Mom to girl - not that much further and you are wearing sneakers, they will dry out.  Girl clearly not happy with that answer I can tell as they stand by the cross walk.  The cars do not stop and the girl wants to go.  Finally one stops and the family cross.  They enter the coffee shop across the street from my store.  They stay inside for a bit and then I see them on the other side walking past and the girls is still not happy about her wet feet or having to walk.  Girl to mom - MOM, MY SOCKS are WET.  I can't walk any more - my feet hurt - can you carry me.  Mom to girl - sorry, I am carrying all the bags and the coffee.  If you want me to leave your toys here so I can carry you that fine.  The mom puts the bag with the toys on the flower bench to pick up the girl and the girls feel suddenly get better.  Girl to Mom - what do you know mom, my feet are much better.  Must have been that little break in the coffee shop.

I thought the way the mom handled this was wonderful.  So many times all you hear is yelling and no solution.  Here is the solution - when the decision to carry the girl and leave the toys behind - she suddenly was better.  lol

They can not see me in here, but I was smiling.  What a way to turn this situation around.  No one yelling, mom not really frustrated, no real crying, just a little whining.  

Think about the way you would handle this.    Have a wonderful day.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Backpack man

Today is October 24, 2014

My observation of a Main Street walker today.

Backpack man with umbrella blocking the side walk to you have to walk in the street to pass or worse - pass between him standing on the edge of the sidewalk facing the gradual hill where his back pack is residing. It is raining so now he has his umbrella out.  Blocking more of the sidewalk. A little lady with a cane has to pass by to get to her car in the parking lot. She is with her daughter. You can see she is wondering which way to go. Between the man with the umbrella and his backpack or around the man, into the street. She chooses the street.  The man turns and says something to her. He speaks quietly and I can't hear what he has to say.  Cane woman looks at him as I get ready to run out of the store to help, I see she and her daughter continue to go into the parking lot and get to their car safely.

From my window I watch each person struggle with the decision... to go between or go into the street.  Most choose the street for their own reasons of flee or fight.  I too had to make this decision as I walk to my store.  I smile when I walk down the hill and he is not there.  Then the smile leaves and I notice that he was not gone, he has just moved.  

He is talking to himself as I pass by minding my own business.  I don't walk close enough to hear him.  He stands leaning on the railing with his cup out for tips.  Backpack is on the ground as he meditates.  He has his eyes closed for the most part.  Opens them when people pass by.  He paces back and forth along the sidewalk.  He goes down about 5 stores in one direction and back the other way.  Down 5-6 stores and back to his starting point.  I can hear him talk and would assume he is talking to someone on the phone.  He is not.  Just listen to him.  FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS.  That is what he says each time he passes by.  

I wonder why he is here? Does he have family here? Why this time of year?  Winters here are brutal.  Where does he sleep at night?  Do you put $ into his cup?  do you offer food.  What do YOU do...

I am thankful I do have a home, warm clothes, food, a job, family.  What are you thankful for?

Have a great night and remember what you are thankful for tonight when you go to sleep.