Sunday, February 7, 2016

Goofy Dog - I love you.

Where to start this - my goofy looking black lab named Cody.  We have several names for him as I think most people to.  Tom calls him Mr., Mr. Big, especially when he is riding in the truck doing errands.  When we are trail walking he is bullet and Mr., or speeding bullet when he is tearing down the path towards us.  We have learned to get out of the way or Cody will run us over.

We choose Cody in May when we were just back from Florida.  We had lost our Akita between Christmas and New Years 2013.  We had decided to wait a few months before getting another dog of any kind.  WELL, that changed when a girl we know posted a picture of a puppy she was fostering.  It was love at first sight or bite.

Who could resist this face... certainly not me.  That blue eye instantly pulled me in.  Tom was in love too.  His birth date was April 16, 2014.  He was mine for sure the date was the same date my mom died the previous year.  That too was a sign.  We had to wait 2 more weeks and he was not 8 weeks yet.  

PS I should have seen the stick and realized what that meant.  He was the most adorable monster I have ever known.  throwing balls under the couch and being able to get them.  Under the beds too.  I have some great pictures with him sneaking under the bed with socks and things we normally would not have - sticks that we let him in the house with not realizing he like to make kindling.  lol  the things we learn quickly or not too quickly in my case. 

Never before have I had a dog who loved to be on the couch or sleep in my bed.   

Someone is in the wrong bed...

This one is empty.
More on this later.

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