Friday, January 29, 2016

Story on the Hill

This really happened - holding luggage hostage.

The day started like any other when you're at a hotel and the tour buses are leaving.  Porters are picking up the bags from outside the guest rooms on their lists and delivering them to the motorcoaches outside.  Drivers count bags and when the numbers match, they are set to go.

One bus is missing a bag - How did this happen?  We need to find it ASAP and the bus is on a schedule and needs to leave by a certain time to make the ferry.  While the guys are going through the list again, we get a call at the desk to have someone come up to the 4th floor - some one is running around in their underwear!  Really!!!  Call for someone else to check on the runner.

Bus Driver getting antsy for us to find his bag.  Porters go into each room to see if maybe the guest didn't put the bag outside the door.  Nope - no rooms with luggage, no extras in the hall.  Great.  Get another call about the naked runner who is now on the 3rd floor.  Called on the radio for someone to go check it out.

Bus leaves knowing it is missing a bag.  We have description, color and name of person the bag belongs too.

About 8:30 I receive a Manager call about a suitcase and she is holding it hostage until her boy friends gets his clothes and wallet back?  I really have no idea what she his talking about except the suitcase I what I focused on... Who is calling from outside the hotel talking about a hostage situation and a the hostage is the suitcase?  I take her name an phone number and tell her I will look into it, but she needs to return the suitcase immediately as she is in possession of STOLEN property and will be prosecuted.  

I call down to housekeeping to see if they found clothes and a wallet and sure enough they did.  I asked them to bring the items to the front desk.  I called the police and they arrived at the desk.  I told him the story I knew.  The housekeeping manager came to the desk with the items and I called the woman back from my cell phone on speaker so the police could hear too.

Apparently, the boyfriend was in the hotel and hooked up with a guest.  He was getting phone calls from his girlfriend who said she was outside the hotel and he better get his azz home.  The BF ran out of the room carrying his stuff down the stairs and lost some of his items in the stairwell.  He ran into the main hotel and up the stairs and found all these suitcases and took one thinking he would be able to find something to wear - WRONG - he picked a little old lady's with nothing for him.  GF in the parking lot waiting for him to come out so he leaves with the suitcase and calls the hotel to exchange this stolen suitcase for his clothes.  The police tell them to come inside and get their stuff and return the suitcase.  They do come inside and the police talk to them in the back office.  We are all stunned by the stupidity of this day.  Barely 9 AM and this is happening.  We get the suitcase and call the driver of the bus, send one of our staff heading down the road to catch up with the bus.  He makes it just in time.

Police in the back for a while and later we find out the naked senior citizen suitcase thief is an employees son!!!  Can't make this up people.  Hope you enjoyed this.


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